Our Vision and Mission


Achieve a better health and social system and better level of care for all Australians by co-designing effective and sustainable solutions, models of care, and organisations, and developing collaborative cross agency partnerships to deliver value and drive improvement.


We are focused on working with our clients, their staff and consumers to co-develop a solution or service that delivers measurable outcomes, and will ultimately have a positive impact on society.


Why We Exist


CGA Consulting (CGA) is a unique health and social sector first consultancy founded in 2011 by Director Craig Gear. After 6 years of working at one of the big four management consultancies, and years of experience working as a frontline health professional, and senior manager in Emergency Care and Justice and Mental Health, Craig Gear established CGA to work specifically with organisations in the health and social services sectors who would benefit from his expertise.


Craig wanted to help organisations improve the delivery and performance of health and social services and programs; and create effective and progressive health and social policy and organisation strategy. Craig believed that the most effective and sustainable outcomes would be achieved by taking a more flexible and dynamic approach, ensuring client’s are partners and fully engaged throughout the process, and transferring knowledge and skills throughout the process to ensure clients can be self-sustainable at the end of the engagement. Today this is still why we exist.


Our Values


• We work in partnership with our clients to co-develop practical,
  effective, and sustainable solutions that consider the end-user as
  paramount to success.


• We ensure balance critical thinking and an evidenced-based
  approach with creative thinking and practical real-life experience.


• We deliver a professional, trustworthy, and consistent service. 


• We give objective advice to support clients in pursuit of their
  long-term purpose and objectives.


• We are committed to sustainability through knowledge and
  skills transfer.


• We embrace diversity and different worldviews; we are a team of
  diverse individuals unified by our common purpose. 


• We are committed to delivering measurable outcomes and that
  have a positive impact on society.